This question was directed to us by some Nigerian domainers at Nairaland.

We don’t really consider any of the duo, using any free tool and we have never subscribed to any paid too either.

We have said it times without number that we do not mind what the CPC of a domain is.

You can have a domain with 5$ CPC but no traffics, how are you going to earn ?

You can have one with 0.15 but with high converting traffics. What matters is getting the right domain and not the CPC.

Concerning global search, we still don’t look it, Most of the tools we use when researching these things are not always accurate. They would say something else and our domains kept proving otherwise.

what we do is to ensure the domain vying for, has solid backlinks from reputable related websites and the references are still intact.

Confirm it hasn’t been too long they former owners halted operation.

Ensure the most of the backlinks or references have URL or image that would leed to the domain.

Check how long it has been in existence to have attained that feet (quality backlinks)

Check what it was previously used for and whether it was same service from inception till the closure.

Check trademark and whether its has been banned .

Check whether it has changed hand before. Maybe them don hack am, take am scam and spam people.

Let’s assume we am vying for

We Are expecting it to be referenced from popular Nigerian forums, blogs, social media handles, Like instablog, Lindaikeja, etc and not some backlinks from odd websites that doesn’t have anything to do with moderating a forum, blogging, banning, front-page, snakes etc.

And we will analys as much backlinks or references as we can ensuring they have the URL or image that will lead me to the same domain, embedded. (Followed links)

Then, Check when last he stopped operating..

Check whether its moderating a forum from inception till resignation

Whether it changed hand, offered another service, use it for spam or scam.

Check whether has been backlisted on nairaland and other Nigerian forums and blogs.

If all criterias are met, we would go ahead with the acquisition.

Check whether registered am with CAC or not.


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