Below are what you need to know and do so Your parked non converting domain will start earning.

So your domain is generating lots of traffic, but you are not getting any clicks and revenues.

Would you believe us if we told you that there is no cause for alarm ? Even though you are not earning money with It, People actually care enough to visit your Traffic domain.

Converting Those traffics into clicks is exactly what prompted this article.

Now You are wondering, if this is achievable. Thankfully, this issue is a fairly common one for Domain Parking and it’s one which we are sure we can solve.

We did it with Sewingandcraftclub , Saxonattorney , Malayalamdrama and Sawasdeecoco , Yours won’t be a problem.

We will explain and detail everything you need know before aquiring a domain you intend parking for revenue.

And cover Things you need consider when your parked domain is getting traffics but no clicks.

Before You buy that supposed Traffic domain. Consider all of these to avoid making bad investment.

  1. Backlinks ; before you place that Bid, before you click that Checkout. How many backlinks does this domain you are trying to bid have?

Do not buy a domain below 100 Genuine back links if you are looking forward to park it and earn real money on the long run.

How quality are the back links and the sources. Do not accept backlinks from odd and non related websites, if you ignore this, your traffics would never convert.

The backlinks or references must come from a similar website. Let’s assume you are trying to bid on saxonattorney the backlinks are expected to come from websites or directories in the that niche and popular reputable websites .

The average backlinks must have URL or image that would redirect to the said domain when clicked embedded on their site (Followed links)

Below are free tools to check backlinks and if you want to manually check it, kindly type the domain name this way (Segwo. Com) and google search.

There must be space between the domain name and TLD. That would bring out those sites it has been mentioned or referenced.

2. The History : This is very important. Knowing the story behind every domain you want to buy is very important. It saved somone from buying a stolen domain for over $26k Readhere . The action of the previous user or owner might have gotten the domain Blacklisted, failisted or banned.


Goto and Type in the domain name and proceed. Start from the date of inception and keep checking every year by clicking the dark lines simultaneously.

If it has been parked, offered another service and reparked again, be skeptical, The chances it has been used for spamming or forwarded to porn site are high.

Verify if it has been banned or not with this Tool we discovered..


Buying domains that offererd totally different service, product or halted operation for years, will not work. It must be same service from inception to closure and not too long they closed.

4. THE AGE; It takes time to build quality backlinks. Its not funny seeing recent registrations with thousands of backlinks. Sometimes, when we visit the expired marketplaces and see people bidding on recent registrations 2018 and 2019 because they are seeing thousands of backlinks and traffics stated by the aftermarkets, we feel bad for them. The domain must be at least 3 years old to attain such fit (genuine BL)


Please before you bid on that name. Check if its meaningful in any language. Think about the type of ads that can be placed on the lander if you are the parking service.

Because Qwertyuiopasd.Com has a milion Backlinks and receives lots traffics doesn’t mean it’s worth parking. It should meaningful. That’s the main reason why some domains will have that none converting traffics. Even the parking service will be confused about the type of ads to be displayed on the landers

Already bought that non converting traffic domain name ?

You are getting traffic but no clicks? The reasons are.

  1. Irrelevant ads. Your visitors are being served ads that is not relevant to them.
  2. Odd backlinks : your visitors are coming from websites that has nothing to do with your domain name.
  3. Your tier2 ads is off : It could be you turned your tier2 ads off. Its bodily written that is not advisable to turn it off.
  4. You chose only landers ; it could be you turn chose only landers.

How it can be redeemed so you can still earning with your parked domain.

  1. Visit your domain; kindly goto your domain and see the type of ads being displayed on the lander. Then heard to what your domain was previously used for, look at the keywords there and place them on your parked domain landers by editing your related keywords at your parking company.
  2. Check your backlinks; Visit those sites that redirects leads to your domain name, study their website to know what their visitors are looking for, then place the related keywords on your landing page.
  3. Turn on your tier 2 ads; goto your parking provider and confirm the status of your parked domain. If the tier2 ads is off, kindly turn it on.
  4. Go and turn on show ads ; goto your parking provider and head to manage domains. Click on that particular domain and click on display ads.

Incase you would like us to help with finding the right keywords to be placed on your parked domain please do let us know by sending us the domain name.

You comments would be greatly appreciated. Pending delete of the day, coming soon.


  1. Please how do I locate display ads on my domain, can’t find it.

    1. It is currently parked at bodis, I appreciate your efforts here.

      1. Author

        Thank you for reaching out to us. Login your account on bodis, goto manage domains, tick on the said domain and select Settings. Under the sale, scroll down, at the beneath you would find ” Display ads” if it’s not marked, then leave it, if marked, then unmark and save.

          1. Author

            Alright. Goodluck with the parking

  2. I get visits without clicks on my two parked Domains.

    Please what are the right keywords for my domains:

    Also shows it’s blocked but I get constant visits without clicks.
    How can I unblock it.


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