Many domainers Assuming that domain parking is dead and gone to the dogs are making mistake .

we want to debunk 5 myths today with evidences to refute our claims about domain parking not being dead.

  1. Parking is dead. (This is Hoax)
  2. Parking is for the rich only.
  3. Only premium domains are parkable
  4. You can’t earn a living doing it.
  5. Google hates it and would penalize your domain name.

What you need know about domain parking before you say its dead and not profitable.

  1. its not true that parking is dead. what is not a myth is that parking used to pay more.
  2. Most people that claims parking is dead, have no clue about how to find parking domains
  3. You can’t randomly reg or buy domains without knowing anythning about backlinks and expect to make money parking it

Here is the reason why we say parking is not dead.

This discussion was started at NP the largest domain community and we contributed greatly.

Below are earnings we have generated From domain parking in the last 2 months and 2 weeks.

August earnings from bodis and we are currently at 13th day of Aug 2020

Earnings from parking for the last month July 1-31st 2020

Earnings from May 25-31. we ventured into domain parking on may 25th 2020

All time Stats . from 25 May -Aug 12 2020. Today’s own hasn’t bee finalized.

All time summarized by bodis.

Now you are wondering how much we have invested since we started this journey ?

Total acquisitions cost is below $100 and it was recent aquuisations that rose it. the highest amount we have bought a domain is $54.

When next someone Say’s domain parking is dead, refer him or her to us and we will help him acquire his dream domain regardless of his budget.

Note; The higher Your budget, the more good the domain will be. Nevertheless, we have parkable domain for any budget.

Please feel free to email or direct your questions to us, we love to help.


  1. How much would it cost me to get this kind of domain that will be bring me revenue monthly?

    1. Author

      It varies. We could budget 50 dollars for it, then that day, other members would bid above that budget. We just know when to call it off. So, you can tell us your budget, once we see one within that range, we would inform you

      1. Okay…Can I get your WhatsApp contact? So that I can contact you directly maybe tonight? I will appreciate that.

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