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  1. Thanks for the insight but where can we get these domains? What websites can we see the auctions for such domains?

    1. Hello, Thank you for asking. Each of the domains must have the URL that would lead you where it will be gotten.

  2. I really really enjoyed the post. Keep it up. If I may ask, can I similar domains from ED. Thanks.

  3. Very good boss

      1. Good job man
        God bless

  4. Thank you baba
    You really did a good job here .

    Are these names best good for packing or sale ?

    1. For sale but few amongst them have the potential. We will be posting ones you can park only.

  5. Please how do I locate display ads on my domain, can’t find it.

    1. Hello, where is this domain currently parked ?

    2. It is currently parked at bodis, I appreciate your efforts here.

      1. Thank you for reaching out to us. Login your account on bodis, goto manage domains, tick on the said domain and select Settings. Under the sale, scroll down, at the beneath you would find ” Display ads” if it’s not marked, then leave it, if marked, then unmark and save.

        1. Oh, Thanks I can see it, it is not marked.

  6. @boss, thanks for the nice names.

  7. How much would it cost me to get this kind of domain that will be bring me revenue monthly?

    1. It varies. We could budget 50 dollars for it, then that day, other members would bid above that budget. We just know when to call it off. So, you can tell us your budget, once we see one within that range, we would inform you

      1. Okay…Can I get your WhatsApp contact? So that I can contact you directly maybe tonight? I will appreciate that.

        1. Alright. Reach us with +2348069000965

  8. Is a high traffic domain sir ?

  9. I get visits without clicks on my two parked Domains.

    Please what are the right keywords for my domains:

    Also shows it’s blocked but I get constant visits without clicks.
    How can I unblock it.


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